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Conscious Soap For Conscious Folk

Balm of Gilead Skincare is a natural skincare company with a big
heart, providing conscious customers with delightfully delicious
smelling, skin loving, fresh natural soap for everyday freshness
since 2012. We strive to use organic ingredients as much as

As a family-run company, we are truly passionate about providing
‘fresh’, natural products that blast customers with a luxurious,
sumptuous, skin softening, skin cleansing experience, without any
of the horrible extras associated with common soap brands.

Formed Naturally

When Balm Of Gilead was formed, unsurprisingly it was formed
gently and naturally, just like our soaps.

Mavis, founder of Balm Of Gilead Skincare who has her career
background in Accountancy, was having a great time hand-making
soap with her treasured daughter for fun, and to give as cute little
gifts to friends and family. The problem was, those initial sweet little
soapy concoctions went down a storm with those who tried them,
and Mavis was so inundated with praise and repeat gift requests,
eventually she just couldn’t ignore their popularity.

Following a pivotal straight talk with a friend, Mavis sought to not
only develop these initial carefully crafted hobby soaps, but dare to
believe that this wonderful small time hobby with her daughter could
actually evolve into something bigger and better.

More than half a decade on, Balm of Gilead Skincare, is currently
flourishing and has truly swept into many markets, drenching
customers in refreshing, high-quality, brilliantly blended soaps sold
online, in select stores, gift shops and wholesale both in UK and

Everyday Freshness Made Naturally

Balm of Gilead Skincare, creates delicious, ‘fresh’ soaps for those
who want to cleanse, soften and smother their skin in the most
sumptuous, natural, pure ingredients. We put huge effort into
ensuring our customers always receive the most delicious smelling,
active soaps around. So you can be sure we really are only pouring
the purest, most naturally divine ingredients into our soap, we take
care to leave out PALM OIL, parabens, sls, preservatives or
artificial colourants.
For even more benefits to our treasured customers, we use the
traditional cold process method – nothing is highly processed here.
In fact, this is one of the most popular aspects of our soap, because
this process ensures that glycerine, a natural by-product of soap
making stays within the finished product, which helps to enhance
the moisture we put into skin, and help keep it there. It also keeps
our products fresher for longer naturally, and there’s a lot of
freshness to preserve. We make all of our products with the ripest
organic fruits and vegetables, juice, plus creamy dairy free milks,
clays and high quality botanicals, all which combine with the alluring
fragrance of pure essential oils, to create products that really have
been made by us, but truly created by nature.  We really do go the
extra mile to make not only your skin smile, but your conscience

Inspired by a kitchen full of goodies

The world of plant-based food and living is so colourful, beautiful
and awe-inspiring, it would be a real struggle not to find inspiration
within it. Founder Mavis follows a plant-based diet herself, and the
many vibrant fruits and veggies, creamy nuts and aromatic herbs
and spices she uses in the kitchen, and picks and pulls from the
garden, have an influence on what goes into the soaps. Much of
what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, so it makes
sense that for all the fresh organic juices, rich and decadent raw
cheesecakes and abundant garden salads we nourish ourselves
with, we would also want to smother our skin in products that
pertain to the same high nutritional standards. We strive to make
our soaps nutrition for the skin.

Inspired by the Balm of Gilead plant

Originally mentioned in the Bible, Balm of Gilead represents
healing, fragrance and therapeutic properties. Although our
products don’t contain the balm of the Gilead plant, the far reaching
powers of the original tonic inspired us to call our skincare business
Balm Of Gilead Skincare. We want you to know you can trust our
‘fresh’ and natural products to refresh, nourish and revitalise your
skin, whilst also soothing your mind and wholeheartedly aligning
with your conscious way of living.

Balm of Gilead Skincare: Drench Your Skin In Completely Natural Goodness

All of our products are vegan friendly apart from our Manuka Honey
and Oatmeal soap which is vegetarian. From our Vitamin E, Linoleic
and Oleic acid rich creamy macadamia and avocado soap to our
much loved Vitamin A packed organic carrot juice soap, there’s a
beautiful, hand-crafted Balm Of Gilead soap for everyone here.

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